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Julia Connell
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Paul Harris Fellows



The Paul Harris Fellowship is named for Paul Harris, who founded Rotary with three business associates in Chicago in 1905. The Fellowship was established in his honor in 1957 to express appreciation for a contribution of $1000 to the humanitarian and educational programs of The Rotary Foundation’s Annual Program Fund.


The Annual Program Fund is used to fund Rotary Club Projects, that are Local, District and International, by way of Simplified Grants and Matching Grants. Interest is derived for a period of three years for the Rotary Founda­tion Annual Programs Fund. Following the three years, 50% of the original contribution is returned to our District 7570 through the District Designated Funds. These funds are then used locally for Simplified Grants, Group Study Exchange trips, Ambassadorial Scholarships, Student Leadership Conferences at Roanoke, etc. The other 50% goes to support Health, Hunger and Humanity (3-H) Grants that are too large a monetary scope for local clubs or even Districts to handle by themselves.


Paul Harris Society

The Paul Harris Society recognizes friends of The Rotary Foundation who annually contribute US$1,000 or more to the Annual Programs Fund, PolioPlus, and other approved Foundation grant activities.


Byron A. Brill

Thomas C. Baker

Jean Barch

R. William Bayliss

Tom T. Byrd

Jeffrey S. Davis

Hunter M. Gaunt, Jr.

Conrad E. Koneczny

John P. Lewis

Paul S. Magness

Daniel G. Martin

Donald W. Stewart

Karey J. Starnes

Ajay Virmani


Multiple Paul Harris Fellows


Joseph A. Allen* +3

B. Scott Arthur +2
Thomas C. Baker +5

Jean Barch +5

R.William Bayliss, III +4

Harry K. Benham III +1
Byron A. Brill +8

Glenn R. Burdick +1

Donald A. Butler +3
Harry F. Byrd, Jr. +2
Tom T. Byrd +5

Kevin J Callanan +1
Gary W. Chrisman +4

Cary C. Claytor +5

John D. Copenhaver, Jr. +1

Jeffrey S. Davis +8 

Richard D. Demorest* +1

Robert Demott +2

Bernard J. Demski +1

Arthur L. Dunlap, Jr. +1

H. Robert Edwards +1

John Elrick +1

Michael M. Foreman* +3

Robert J. Frogale +3

Hunter M. Gaunt, Jr. +8

Philip B. Glaize, Jr. +1

David W. Goff +2

Sharen E. Gromling +8

Charles P. Gyauch +1

Robert B. Hall, Jr. +1

William P. Hottel +6

William G. Huehn +2

Alexander R. Iden +2

Marqu Phillipe Jaccard +1

Wade G. Johnson, Sr. +2

Donald D. M. Jones +5

Conrad E. Koneczny +8

J. Thomas Kremer, Jr. +5

Debprah Langfitt +1

Christopher P. Lewis +2

John P. Lewis +8

Don J. Louque III +1

Winston Lutz +1

Harold F. Madagan, Jr. +1

Paul S. Magnus +3

Daniel G. Martin +8

Darla McCrary +4

W. David McWhorter +2

Ronald F. Miller +1

Robert T. Mitchell +1

Christopher A. Molden +2

Nicholas J. Nerangis +2

Kurt Nyberg +1

William H. Old +2

Elizabeth M. Pendleton +2

Ronald L. Price +1

Susan A. Rich +2

Thomas E. Riddick +1

Patricia M. Ridgeway +1

Mary Riley +2

James R. Robinson +1

Dianne O. Ruckman +1

Clifton L. Rutherford +1

Eugene F. Schultz +3

Karen Schultz +1

Bernard Schwartzman +3

Roy M. Schwarz MD +8

George L. Sekel +5

Irvin Shendow +3

Robert D. Shriner +3

Terry Sinclair +2

Sid Sirota +1

Dave Smith +1

Dallas T. Stallings +1

Karey J. Starnes +8

Donald W. Stewart +8

Steve C. Slaughter +1

David A Smith +1

Patricia Deming Stiles +2

John A. Taylor +2

Terrence Tierney +1

Alan G. Toxopeus +1

John Henry Tyson +1

Ajay Virmani +4

B. Tucker White Jr.* +1

Dixon Whitworth, Jr. +1

Richard B. Wiltshire, Jr. +4


Paul Harris Fellows



Calvin Allen

Lester D. Arnold*

John A. Baden*

William W. Baker

Seymour J. Barr*

Eric Beatly

Stewart Bell*

Doug O. Bement

Charles R. Bish*

Ernest W. Brindle, Jr.

Harold G. Brown*

Jonathan M. Brown

Kerri Burkhart

Paul G. Burkholder

Donald A. Butler

Thomas W. Byrd

John C. Capehart

Charles Irvine Cather, Jr.

David A. Chandler

Terry W. Coffman

Julia N. Connell

George L. Craig

Frances W. Crawford

Anthony Crosen

Nancy L. Davis

James A. Davis

Marie C. DiLorenzo

Benjamin B. Dutton, Jr.*

Dana Hand Evans

Michael Foster

Hunter M. Gaunt, Sr.*

Phillip S. Griffin

Phillip S. Griffin, II

Jennifer Grooms

Adel Guirguis

Boyd J. Hamman*

William J. Hancock

Theodore F. Foster*

George A. Froom

Felicia Hart

Richard S. Helm

Maria Hileman

Sven Hlywiak

Charles E. Hofer*

Douglas R. Hottel*

John N. Huddy

William C. Huntsberry*

Robert Hunter Hurt

Douglass V. Joyner

Don Karolyi

Richard L. Kent

Dianna Ketterman

Victoria L. Kidd

Patrick J. Kofalt

James C. Laidlaw

John Lamanna

John Lathrop

Daniel E. Leatherman*

Albert W. Loring*

Thomas A. Louthan*

Tom Maccubbin

Kent E. Mull

Carl S. Napps*

W. Page Nelson*

Charlotte Orndorff*

Charles M. Peterson

Tunstall C. Powers*

Andrew Reams

Richard V. Reedy

Kenneth L. Rice

Nancy Campbell Rinker

J. Kenneth Robinson*

John F. Rodman*
David L. Schroeder

John S. Scully V
Wendell Seldon
Howard F. Sharp
George L. Sheppard, Jr.
Alson Smith
Margarette Smith
Phillip Sprinkle*

Robert W. Stieg, Jr.
James A. Stutzman*

David A. Sweeney

Martin Tabaca
Patricia Taylor
Michael Whalton

Philip B.Whitney* 




Meeting Time & Location Information
Thursday at 12:00 PM
Winchester Country Club
1300 Senseny Road
Winchester, Virginia 22602  map it

Please join us for Food, Fellowship and Service opportunities. 


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