Recommend a Speaker

The program Committee tries very hard to keep our meetings timely, informative and entertaining.  We certainly would apprediate your input on topics that would be interesting to you.  If you would like to recommend a speaker or topic, please forward your idea to our Program Chair and we will follow up on your idea.  Bear in mind that not all topics will appeal to the majority of the Club and not all messages are appropriate.  We are committed to bringing a variety of high quality presentations to our meetings.
When considering a potential presenter, keep a few things in mind.  Our meetings allow for 20-25 minute talks and we adhere to our schedule of adjourning at 1:00.  Our business meetings are an opportunity to show our membership items of interest, not to make an appeal for club or private funding.  If your presenter is primarily concerned with soliciting funds, please direct them to the guidlines for asking the Board of Directors for consideration that can be found in the Community Support section found under the "About Winchester Rotary" tab above.