The Winchester Club Constitution 2013 as adopted. Below is the Consitution in HTML as a set of hyperlinked documents. You may also download a copy of the complete constitution in PDF format.

Winchester Club Constitution 

Article 1 Definitions
Article 2 Name
Article 3 Locality of the Club
Article 4 Object
Article 5 Five Avenues of Service
Article 6 Meetings
Article 7 Membership
Article 8 Classifications
Article 9 Attendance
Article 10 Directors and Officers
Article 11 Admission Fees and Dues
Article 12 Duration of Membership
Article 13 Community, National, and International Affairs
Article 14 Rotary Magazines
Article 15 Acceptance of Object and Compliance with Constitution and Bylaws
Article 16 Arbitration and Mediation
Article 17 Bylaws
Article 18 Interpretation
Article 19 Amendments