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Article 7 Membership

Section 1 — General Qualifications.

This club shall be composed of adult persons of good character and good business, professional and/or community reputation.

Section 2 — Kinds.

This club shall have two kinds of membership, namely: active and honorary.

Section 3 — Active Membership.

A person possessing the qualifications set forth in article 5, section 2 of the RI constitution may be elected to active membership in this club.

Section 4 — Transferring or Former Rotarian.

  1. Potential Members. A member may propose to active membership a transferring member or former member of a club. The transferring or former member of a club being proposed to active membership under this section may also be proposed by the former club. The classification of a transferring or former member of a club shall not preclude election to active membership even if the election results in club membership temporarily exceeding the classification limits. Potential members of this club who are current or former members of another club who have debts to the other club are ineligible for membership in this club. The club should demand that a potential member present written proof that no money is owed to the other club. The admission of a transferring or former Rotarian as an active member pursuant to this section shall be contingent upon receiving a certificate from the board of the previous club confirming the prospective member’s prior membership in that club. Transferring or former members changing clubs should be asked to bring a letter of recommendation from their previous club.
  2. Current or Former Members. This club shall provide a statement whether money is owed to this club when requested by another club with respect to a current or former member of this club being considered for membership in the other club. If such a statement is not provided within 30 days of being requested, it shall be assumed that the member does not owe any money to this club.

Section 5 — Satellite Club Membership.

Members of a satellite club shall also be members of the sponsor club until such time as the satellite club shall be admitted into membership of RI as a Rotary club.

Section 6 — Dual Membership.

No person shall simultaneously hold active membership in this and another club other than a satellite of this club. No person shall simultaneously be a member and an honorary member in this club. No person shall simultaneously hold active membership in this club and membership in a Rotaract club.

Section 7 — Honorary Membership.

  1. Eligibility for Honorary Membership. Persons who have distinguished themselves ?by meritorious service in the furtherance of Rotary ideals and those persons considered friends of Rotary for their permanent support of Rotary’s cause may be elected to honorary membership in this club. The term of such membership shall be as determined by the board. Persons may hold honorary membership in more than one club.
  2. Rights and Privileges. Honorary members shall be exempt from the payment of admission fees and dues, shall have no vote, and shall not be eligible to hold any office in this club. Such members shall not hold classifications, but shall be entitled to attend all meetings and enjoy all the other privileges of this club. No honorary member of this club is entitled to any rights and privileges in any other club, except for the right to visit other clubs without being the guest of a Rotarian.

Section 8 — Holders of Public Office.

Persons elected or appointed to public office for a specified time shall not be eligible to active membership in this club under the classification of such office. This restriction shall not apply to persons holding positions or offices in schools, colleges, or other institutions of learning or to persons who are elected or appointed to the judiciary. Members who are elected or appointed to public office for a specified period may continue as such members in their existing classifications during the period in which they hold such office.

Section 9 — Rotary International Employment.

This club may retain in its membership any member employed by RI.




Meeting Time & Location Information
Thursday at 12:00 PM
Winchester Country Club
1300 Senseny Road
Winchester, Virginia 22602  map it

Please join us for Food, Fellowship and Service opportunities. 


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